What we wear under there

It is amazing what a difference having a new bra – one that actually fits you correctly – can make on your state of bliss. It isn’t something I have thought about often, but recently I realized just how awesome the feeling is.

Several of my bras had to be tossed. The underwire broke on a couple. The dog chewed the plastic bit that holds the straps on another. A few more were just stretched too much to keep wearing. I needed to go bra shopping STAT. Luckily a department store in my area was having a huge sale – including on bras. I didn’t know this when I walked in, but I was glad of it by the time I walked out!1422730_694399137238299_1947854978_n

The sales girl fitted me. It had been some time since I had last been fitted for a bra. I had an idea of what size I thought I was. Note that I said “thought”. It ends up my idea was quite a bit off on both circumference and cup size. Once we knew what sizes were needed, I was left – topless – in the dressing room while she pulled a variety of bras for me to try on. Since she was the only one working in the department that day, this took some time. The time I waited was well worth it, though. In the end, I walked out of the store with six new bras at a fraction of their original prices.

Having a bra that fits adds confidence and self-esteem – two feelings that help make sex more enjoyable (see what I did there…I brought it to sex). Confidence is a big turn on for most people – both the one exhibiting it and the ones watching her act with it. Plus, when the girls are boosted into the right area, you just might want to show off your new underthings to your partner. “Look at this, babe. My tits are looking great!!”

So, if it’s been some time since you last went bra shopping, I highly recommend it. It might be just the boost you’ve been searching for!

Toy Review: 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe

Not too long ago I wrote about the demise of one of my favorite toys, the 100 Orgasms vibrator. I purchased the sleek 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black as a replacement. There are a few noticeable differences.

 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black from California Exotic Novelties - image from Pinkcherry.com
7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black from California Exotic Novelties – image from PinkCherry.com

Batteries – My new toy takes two AAA batteries. While this isn’t too mu

ch of an issue (we always have AAA batteries around for the TV/DVD remotes), I like that the other vibe used AA batteries as we have several rechargeable AA batteries.

Speed – One of my favorite attributes of the now-dead vibe was the adjustable speed. As the name suggests, the new toy has seven functions. These functions are a variety of vibrations and pulses. To change the function the user presses the power switch, located in the cap of the toy. This brings me to the next difference.

Power on/off – The 100 Orgasms vibrator powers on by twisting a knob on the cap. This also controls the speed. To change the variety of functions – or to just turn off the vibrator – one must press the button to cycle through. This means to turn off the toy, the user must press the button up to eight times.

Do I like my new toy? Simply put, yes! (Should that be, “Oh, god, YES!!”?) The variety of functions gives the toy a little more versatility; however, I do wish there was a way to increase the intensity of the vibrations. That is a personal choice, though, as I like my vibes strong. While this toy is great for clit play, it can also be very enjoyable when inserted. Unlike my old toy, this one seems to really hit the G-spot with pleasure-inducing pulses.

You can find this – and other fantastic toys – at PinkCherry.com.




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Bride Train Series by Reece Butler (Books 1 & 2)

Barefoot Bride for Three by Reece Butler

Taking place in the 1870s, Beth comes west on the Bride Train to escape a fiancé she has no desire to marry and hoping to open up her own business.  But fate has different plans for her, and she ends up marrying Trace at the demand of the sheriff or else she will end up marrying the town bully.    barefoot bride

Once her and Trace head out of town, she learns that married life is going to be something quite different than what she imagined.  Trace lives in a cabin with his two brothers, and they share everything, and that includes her.

The story goes through the reaction she has when she learns what the reality of her situation is going to be as well as how she handles it.

My opinion:

If you want a book that is steamy but with a good storyline, this is definitely a book to consider reading.

Points to recommend the book:

  • The situation is handled well and the men are all about Beth’s pleasure.  Nothing happens that she does not want to happen
  • There are secondary characters which are interesting and may have their own story (this is first in a series)

Buy:  Barefoot Bride

A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise by Reece Butler

Amelia rides the Bride Train west at the request of her sister and having signed a marriage contract to her sister’s brother in law.  Sister Prudence has never had good health and she knows that she will not last long once having her baby, and wants her sister to raise her.   But when Amelia arrives, she finds out that the brother she thinks she is married is not the one she married.  Prudence’s husband has forged the documents so she is married to the elder brother who needs an heir to hold onto the family estate.   contract bride

Amelia knows a bit about sex, and her sister has told her that these brothers share, just like their neighbours the Elliot’s (from book one) and if she has any questions to talk to Beth.  Prudence’s letter implores Amelia to also help her husband to quit grieving for her and to continue on with his life.   Amelia struggles with many issues but in discussion with Beth and due to her husband’s devious plans, she accepts what has been requested of her.

My opinion:

This book is not quite as steamy as the first book, but there are still many sex scenes for those that want them.  The storyline is also quite believable.

Points to recommend the book:

  • We get to see how Beth and her family are faring for those that got attached to them
  • There is discussion about how different races are treated, as Ross is not Scottish like his brother

Buy:  Contract Bride



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Five gifts for couples

The holiday season is upon us.  Why not heat up the cold winter nights with a sexy gift? Here is the last in a week long series of gift ideas to add the spark in your holiday lovelife. Don’t forget the get the appropriate batteries and lube!

Lover’s Super Strap Restraint Kit

Perfect for beginners, this kit includes four tethers with cuffs and a faux fur lined pleasure mask.  The tethers alone make this kit worth the price.  With Velcro fasteners on the cuffs, they are great for wrists or ankles.

Getaway Travel Size Romance Kit

Traveling for the holidays? Take your romance on the road with this little kit of love. This package contains travel size containers of Honey Dust – with mini-feather duster, Vanilla Oil of Love, Love Liquid water based lubricant, French Vanilla Creme Body Souffle, and a scented candle, stored in a discreet little black pouch.

Hero Remote Cock Ring in Black

A cock ring with something to pleasure both parties!  The ring itself, made of a soft, supple silicone material, will heighten the wearer’s pleasure.  The attached vibrator is sure to bring the recipient to new heights. An added bonus – it can be used solo or with a lover.

The Wedge

Available in red, black, and blue microfiber, the wedge is a great addition to the bedroom. Use it to try a variety of new positions, or to enhance some of your old favorites.

Massage Therapy Kit

Enhance the mood with this set of massage oils. With five 2-ounce bottles in a variety of scents, each infused with natural essential oils, this set can be used to light up your night or to help your lover relax after a long day of work.

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