Sex Toys You Can’t Believe Exist!

Sex toys are an interesting device.  They are designed to go into all sorts of places and rotate and twist and vibrate and goodness knows what else.  There are faces on any that are animals which adds an odd look to them.  But in browsing various sites for other posts, I have run into some extremely odd items.  These are just a few of them!

Wake Up Vibe

Ever wished that it was possible to wake up to having an orgasm but you do not hWake Up Vibeave a partner to assist you with this?  Look no further, you can get the Wake Up Vibe Alarm!  This vibe is designed to be put in your panties and when the alarm goes off, it will start vibrating.  There are 6 different settings that you can set.  I wonder how you hit the snooze button on this or if you won’t want to sleep through it?



Have you heard of a Sybian and wanted one but could not afford the price tag that it came with?  Consider this iRide which is a cheaper version but is still designed for your pleasure.  There is a 4 inch dildo on the crescent which vibrates as well as an egg on the front for you to use to stimulate your clitoris.


I’m not even sure where to start on this vibrator.  First, to mIntensitye it looks like some sort of odd curling iron but it is a sex toy.  It looks to me like you should push on the clitoral stimulator to open up the other part (to curl your hair).  But I know that is not what it is or what it is designed for.

This toy is advertised as the first one designed to strengthen the kegal muscles while giving you pleasure.   in reading the profile of this toy, you insert the toy and then you are able to push a button which inflates the shaft to whatever size you prefer.  Turn on the vibration and then the stimulation controls and you will feel a soft electrical sensation which will cause your kegal muscles to clench.

I don’t know about you, but I think I will stick to my ben wa balls!

Luxe Embrace Vibratorembrace

While I do not think that this vibrator is necessarily all that odd, the shape of it makes me reconsider.  At first glance, it looks kind of cute but then you look closer, and the face on it definitely adds to the creepy factor.  Not to mention, depending on what angle you are looking at it from, it looks like it has feet and might walk away.

Cupcake Vibrator

I have no words.  I really don’t.

Cupcake Vibrator


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