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The Gräfenberg spot – more commonly known as the G-spot, is a pleasure zone located approximately 2-3 inches on the front wall inside a woman’s vagina. While there are some who believe it is just a myth, countless women disagree.

Depending on the positions used during sex, stimulating this area can be difficult, as the G-spot area needs direct stimulation. For example, the angle of penetration during the missionary position will rarely hit the spot (pun very much intended). Experimenting with different positions will help find the perfect way to achieve orgasm through G-spot stimulation.

Luckily, there are other ways to climax from G-spot stimulation. During foreplay, you or a lover may want to try two fingers pressed deeply into the area. Alternatively, there are many toys designed specifically for this task.

For some women, the type of orgasm experienced from G-spot stimulation is more intense than those achieved from clitoral stimulation. For others, the spot might not be as sensitive and therefore not as important part of their sexual play. Not sure which category you are in? Some self-exploration will tell you if your G-spot is highly sensitive. Lay back and enjoy the exploring! Let go of frustrations and relish the touch of your body.

Not sure how to find your G-spot?  Here’s a great article with an extensive step-by-step process.  It’s worth the read!

personal lubricant 101

There are many types of lubricant that can be used for sexual play. Many factors contribute to the need of using lubricants during sex. Some women, even though very aroused, may not produce enough natural wetness and therefore may need a little assistance from a bottle. If you are participating in any type of anal play lubricant is extremely important.

There are three main types of lubricant: water based, silicone based, and oil based. When searching for lubes, you might see some advertised as “anal lube”. These usually have a numbing agent added to lessen the pain often associated with anal intercourse.

Water based lubricants are safe to use with condoms. They are often less expensive and more easily found than other types of lubes. Unlike other lubricants, they have the added advantage of being easier to wash off the body – and less likely to stain the sheets! Water based lubes can be used with any type of toy material.

Personal lubricants
Personal lubricants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silicone based lubricants, unlike water based ones, are not absorbed into the skin. This means soap and water will be needed to wash off after playtime ends. They can be more expensive, but a less is needed. This type of lube is also safe to use with condoms, but avoid using with silicone toys. Want to have some playtime in the shower? Try this type of lube!

Oil based lubes, such as mineral oil, baby oil, and Vaseline, must be washed off with soap and water. You can only use oil based lubricants with polyurethane condoms. Also avoid using with toys and items made out of latex.

There are many styles of lubes available – including flavored, numbing, warming ones. Have fun experimenting with the varieties!

One note of caution: If you are trying to conceive, pay careful attention to the ingredients in the lubricant you are using. Some lubes may contain spermicides – which are very counterproductive to trying to get pregnant!

Toy Review: 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe

Not too long ago I wrote about the demise of one of my favorite toys, the 100 Orgasms vibrator. I purchased the sleek 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black as a replacement. There are a few noticeable differences.

 7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black from California Exotic Novelties - image from
7 Function Classic Chic 4 Inch Vibe in Black from California Exotic Novelties – image from

Batteries – My new toy takes two AAA batteries. While this isn’t too mu

ch of an issue (we always have AAA batteries around for the TV/DVD remotes), I like that the other vibe used AA batteries as we have several rechargeable AA batteries.

Speed – One of my favorite attributes of the now-dead vibe was the adjustable speed. As the name suggests, the new toy has seven functions. These functions are a variety of vibrations and pulses. To change the function the user presses the power switch, located in the cap of the toy. This brings me to the next difference.

Power on/off – The 100 Orgasms vibrator powers on by twisting a knob on the cap. This also controls the speed. To change the variety of functions – or to just turn off the vibrator – one must press the button to cycle through. This means to turn off the toy, the user must press the button up to eight times.

Do I like my new toy? Simply put, yes! (Should that be, “Oh, god, YES!!”?) The variety of functions gives the toy a little more versatility; however, I do wish there was a way to increase the intensity of the vibrations. That is a personal choice, though, as I like my vibes strong. While this toy is great for clit play, it can also be very enjoyable when inserted. Unlike my old toy, this one seems to really hit the G-spot with pleasure-inducing pulses.

You can find this – and other fantastic toys – at




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This is an installment of a series of posts on BDSM.  The first post can be found here.

Kupferstich ca. 1780 - gemeinfrei -
Kupferstich ca. 1780 – gemeinfrei – (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week is about discipline.  As I mentioned previously, discipline is considered psychological restraining, often by the use of punishments or rules. Spanking and humiliation are examples. Discipline is frequently used in other aspects of BDSM, especially in Dominant/submissive (D/s) situations.

When utilizing physical discipline on a partner, it is important to do so in a safe manner.  For instance, spanking certain areas of the body – especially with an item such as a paddle – may cause severe injury, or even death, if done with too much force.

Always be prepared to use a safeword.  Regardless of the type of BDSM play you are engaging, this is important.

Alex in Spankland has a great post about spanking.  While written for newbies, it is a good read for all interested parties, regardless of your level of experience.

All that is needed for spanking play is a willing hand and a willing ass, but it can be more enjoyable for all when using an item such as those on the list below.

Humiliation in this regard may best be described as enjoyable embarrassment.  The activities involved are varied.  It might be as simple as dirty talk, calling your partner a “slut” or a “little bitch”; or it might be more elaborate, such as leading her around by a leash or making him talk in a falsetto voice and dressing him in women’s clothing.

Many may wonder why in the world someone would find sexual pleasure in being humiliated.  That’s a great question.  It is also one that is expertly answered by Franklin on his blog.

Looking for credible sources for additional information?

Next week I will continue to delve into the various aspects of BDSM.  As always, remember: Safe Play is Great Play!


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White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement.
White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement. I wonder if this gave 100 orgasms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I was enjoying a lovely time alone when one of my favorite toys stopped buzzing. Ugh! Not wanting to kill the mood, I quickly replaced the batteries. That didn’t fix the issue. Luckily I have a treasure trove of delights within reach, so I could continue my solo fun.

After I was finished, I checked out the toy, trying to see what the issue could be, hoping it was one I could easily fix. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reason for it to die. Maybe I had previously hit the promise in the item’s name: 100 Orgasms.

This five-inch “massager” was perfect for both quick solo play and happy fun time with the hubby. The speed was adjustable. It required only one AA battery (hello, rechargeable!). It was great.

Until it died.

I bought it back in July. This isn’t the first time I had this little delight. I had purchased one a few years ago. It didn’t work when it arrived, due to a broken piece of metal inside. It was quickly replaced by the company I purchased it from. I can’t recall when it died, but eventually it did, prompting me to eventually order a new one (from a different company).

So, rest in peace 100 Orgasms massager, you will be missed. Hopefully not for long, though, as a new, different vibrator is on the way to my house. Let’s cross our fingers it will last longer than six months!

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Butt.. What?!?

One trend I have noticed when chatting to guys is that there is a lot of interest in butt play.  Whether it is having their butt played with, them wanting to play with my butt or having anal sex, it is definitely a topic that comes up a lot.

Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche ...
Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche Culture. 300 C.E. Larco Museum Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve tried to asking a few of them what the fascination is, especially in regards to playing with a female’s butt.  The best answer I can get it that it is something that is naughty, taboo.  Some have said that it is tighter than the vagina which makes sense to me.

I can get why men like their butt played with.  The prostate gland is found through there and it probably feels like a female’s g-spot when it is stimulated and allows a guy to have a better orgasm.   But yet, knowing this, there are guys that are totally on board and want to play with a girls’ butt as well as penetrate it but yet, they do not want anything to be done to theirs.   Exit only as the saying goes.   To me, its equal opportunity.  You want a play with mine, I’m going to play with yours.   By the way, the taint (area between penis and asshole) is very sensitive.

So if you are going to engage in anal play, here are a few tips that I have for you from experience and toy selling:

  • Go slow!  Especially if this is a new experience for either party.  Butt muscles are not designed to stretch the same way the vagina is so it is more of a challenge.
  • Use lube.  While I have encountered many people who believe that they shouldn’t need to use lube, use it!  Just like stretching, the butt does not create natural lube like a vagina.  It needs some help.  Silicone is best as it lasts longer.
  • Stop means stop.  If your partner says stop, then stop what you are doing!  You want this to be pleasurable so that they will be willing to do it again and if it hurts, they will not let you near them again.

Lubricant Search on Amazon


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Sex Toys You Can’t Believe Exist!

Sex toys are an interesting device.  They are designed to go into all sorts of places and rotate and twist and vibrate and goodness knows what else.  There are faces on any that are animals which adds an odd look to them.  But in browsing various sites for other posts, I have run into some extremely odd items.  These are just a few of them!

Wake Up Vibe

Ever wished that it was possible to wake up to having an orgasm but you do not hWake Up Vibeave a partner to assist you with this?  Look no further, you can get the Wake Up Vibe Alarm!  This vibe is designed to be put in your panties and when the alarm goes off, it will start vibrating.  There are 6 different settings that you can set.  I wonder how you hit the snooze button on this or if you won’t want to sleep through it?



Have you heard of a Sybian and wanted one but could not afford the price tag that it came with?  Consider this iRide which is a cheaper version but is still designed for your pleasure.  There is a 4 inch dildo on the crescent which vibrates as well as an egg on the front for you to use to stimulate your clitoris.


I’m not even sure where to start on this vibrator.  First, to mIntensitye it looks like some sort of odd curling iron but it is a sex toy.  It looks to me like you should push on the clitoral stimulator to open up the other part (to curl your hair).  But I know that is not what it is or what it is designed for.

This toy is advertised as the first one designed to strengthen the kegal muscles while giving you pleasure.   in reading the profile of this toy, you insert the toy and then you are able to push a button which inflates the shaft to whatever size you prefer.  Turn on the vibration and then the stimulation controls and you will feel a soft electrical sensation which will cause your kegal muscles to clench.

I don’t know about you, but I think I will stick to my ben wa balls!

Luxe Embrace Vibratorembrace

While I do not think that this vibrator is necessarily all that odd, the shape of it makes me reconsider.  At first glance, it looks kind of cute but then you look closer, and the face on it definitely adds to the creepy factor.  Not to mention, depending on what angle you are looking at it from, it looks like it has feet and might walk away.

Cupcake Vibrator

I have no words.  I really don’t.

Cupcake Vibrator


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Toys Recommendations by Sylvie

If your mind is set on a toy, here are some pretty cool ones that I wouldn’t mind having in my toy chest.  I may have spend some money once I am done writing this post!

A Great First Vibe

If you have never played with toys, some of the ones out there can be intimidating.  This is a great vibe to start out with as it is small but packs a lot of punch.   Even if you are a toy veteran, this can be a great addition to the toy chest as really, who doesn’t love aA Girl's Best Friend small toy that is easy to take with them?  If you tend to carry this one around in your purse, considering taking out the batteries so it doesn’t start humming while in the line for your morning coffee or in your bosses office.

These types of vibes are also great for all sorts of stimulation.  Use them all over the body or on his body too and see how he reacts.

Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibrator

This vibe is still considered a rabbit but it is a higher end vibe.  You may wonder what is wrong with a standard rabbit and the answer is nothing.  But, that Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibratorsaid, this vibrator has a different type of clitorial stimulator.  Many women find that the bunny ears on the traditional vibe doesn’t do anything for them.  This has a little suction type cup that “sucks” on the clit for that much more stimulation.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t compare to your tongue but it’s a nice change of pace!


Ben Wa Balls

For many women, especially if they have had children, they feel that their kegal muscles are Ben Wa Ballsnot as tight as they could be.  While they can do kegal exercises, it can be easier if they use ben wa balls.  There are essentially two different kinds, the traditional ones that are small little balls that you insert or those that have a string on them.  While they cannot get lost, if you feel more comfortable with the string ones, they work just as well.

Note:  If you are buying these for the female in your life, be careful how you present them. Lelo Luna Weighted Balls




Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo

Have you ever tried a glass sex toy?  Oohh.. deliciousness!  They are smooth and slide qSapphire Spiral Glass Dildouite easily.  They also warm up to your body temperature so if you have a pet peeve about cold sex toys, you can easily warm it up before use.  If you like your toys on the cold side, put it in the fridge.  And another great benefit of glass?  You can run it through the dishwasher if you are so inclined!





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