There is something about corsets that just turns me on.  My skin being tightly enclosed by the fabric.  My breasts being lifted and showcased.  My waist being cinched smaller by the satiny ribbon.  Wearing a sexy corset is a surefire way to make me feel sensual.

I have purchased several corsets over the years, but only three fit me properly.  Being a plus-sized woman means finding lingerie that is sexy is difficult.  Thanks to eBay, I can find brand-new-with-tags corsets that are as affordable as they are hot.

Corset (Photo credit: Björn Söderqvist)

There are many factors to consider when buying a corset, as there are many types of corsets available.  Enclosures, boning, material, and styles all vary.  Do you like the look of a laced corset? Maybe you want one with laces, but that also has a zipper.  Should the boning be plastic or metal?  Which suits your purpose better: overbust or underbust? So many decisions!  It can feel a little overwhelming to the first-time buyer.

Ebay has a guide available that gives a brief overview of the different shapes of corsets and explains which corset is best for various body types.

Underbust vs. Overbust

Just as it sounds.  An underbust corset goes under the bust, leaving the wearer’s breasts exposed. Overbust corsets cover the wearer’s breasts, pushing them against her body and producing cleavage.


Laces – The traditional style of corset, with laces to pull tighter.  Laces are most often in the back of the corset.

Hook & Eye –A metal hook and an eye (or “eyelet”) into which the hook fits.  Usually made of metal, this enclosure style is most frequently found in the front of the corset.

Zipper – This style of corset fastens with a zipper, which may be either on the sides or the front.

Combination – A combination of the above styles of enclosures.

Whatever style of corset that tickles your fancy, you can find it available online.  Want more information on corsets? Check out this site:  Delicious Boutique – Corset Construction.

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