New stories – and a freebie!!

Did you like the taste of Maid to Order that I posted last week? I hope so! Since then I have been busy writing and dreaming up more tales of Lydia and Senator Niles. In fact, over the weekend I published Maid to Order 3!

After two rough sexual encounters with her boss, Lydia wants their sexual adventures continue on a regular basis. First she must convince the state senator that his maid needs the lessons only he can teach.

So what’s next? There are a few other stories I’ve been working on, including a companion story to the Maid to Order series, called Personal Assistant, which is now available via Smashwords! It should available through Amazon soon (Amazon takes a little longer to publish, whereas Smashwords is instantaneous).

What is Personal Assistant about? In this series we will meet Vivian, personal assistant to Senator Stephen Niles. Vivian has a special set of skills that she uses to keep the senator in line. She is the one who hired Lydia.

I’m already working on the next story in the Personal Assistant series.

In celebration of publishing two new stories this week, I have a treat for you! Use this coupon code on Smashwords to get the first Maid to Order story for FREE. Hurry! The code expires on Sunday, May 17, 2014.

The coupon code is PY62S (not case-sensitive). You must enter the code prior to completing your checkout.

Book Review: His Every Whim (BBW Billionaire Erotic Romance Novella) by Liliana Rhodes

Ashley is down on her luck and needs a job and money.  Her roommate sets her up with a job helping at a catering gig and warns her of the mysterious man who has scared off many people.  Ashley decides to take her chances and approaches him with some champagne but quickly runs off when the catering manager shows up.  The mystery man follows her and they have a steamy encounter in the backroom which has them both wanting more but still not knowing who the other is.  He leaves Ashley to recover while he runs to interference to prevent others from bothering her.   his every whim

Trying to clear her thoughts, Ashley looks at the job board at her job and sees that there is an advertisement for a house manager.  While she does not know exactly what the job entails, she is up for it as she needs a different place to live.  She calls and goes for an interview and is given the job if she wants it.  The master of the house comes up just as she is getting ready to leave and collect her belongings.  It turns out that he is the mystery man.

While Zander had wanted to find the girl, this is not how he expected to find her but he is happy and wants to see what will happen.  He advises Ashley that he expects her to also perform some administrative duties for him.  She agrees to this and wonders exactly what he means and if she is up to the challenge.

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book.  Zander is your typical billionaire, at least how they are portrayed in fiction, as he is in control and command, and knows what he wants.  Maybe someday I will meet a true billionaire to find out if this is the true way of their actions!

This book is also very size positive as you can imagine just from the genre it is.  Ashley is a size 16 and while she has body issues, Zander loves her body and her curves.  He hires a personal shopper to help Ashley with her wardrobe, and when the shopper complains about Ashley’s size, he immediately sets to work making sure that the woman will not work again.

Buy:  His Every Whim

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Bride Train Series by Reece Butler (Books 1 & 2)

Barefoot Bride for Three by Reece Butler

Taking place in the 1870s, Beth comes west on the Bride Train to escape a fiancé she has no desire to marry and hoping to open up her own business.  But fate has different plans for her, and she ends up marrying Trace at the demand of the sheriff or else she will end up marrying the town bully.    barefoot bride

Once her and Trace head out of town, she learns that married life is going to be something quite different than what she imagined.  Trace lives in a cabin with his two brothers, and they share everything, and that includes her.

The story goes through the reaction she has when she learns what the reality of her situation is going to be as well as how she handles it.

My opinion:

If you want a book that is steamy but with a good storyline, this is definitely a book to consider reading.

Points to recommend the book:

  • The situation is handled well and the men are all about Beth’s pleasure.  Nothing happens that she does not want to happen
  • There are secondary characters which are interesting and may have their own story (this is first in a series)

Buy:  Barefoot Bride

A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise by Reece Butler

Amelia rides the Bride Train west at the request of her sister and having signed a marriage contract to her sister’s brother in law.  Sister Prudence has never had good health and she knows that she will not last long once having her baby, and wants her sister to raise her.   But when Amelia arrives, she finds out that the brother she thinks she is married is not the one she married.  Prudence’s husband has forged the documents so she is married to the elder brother who needs an heir to hold onto the family estate.   contract bride

Amelia knows a bit about sex, and her sister has told her that these brothers share, just like their neighbours the Elliot’s (from book one) and if she has any questions to talk to Beth.  Prudence’s letter implores Amelia to also help her husband to quit grieving for her and to continue on with his life.   Amelia struggles with many issues but in discussion with Beth and due to her husband’s devious plans, she accepts what has been requested of her.

My opinion:

This book is not quite as steamy as the first book, but there are still many sex scenes for those that want them.  The storyline is also quite believable.

Points to recommend the book:

  • We get to see how Beth and her family are faring for those that got attached to them
  • There is discussion about how different races are treated, as Ross is not Scottish like his brother

Buy:  Contract Bride



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Book Review: Unlocked (Forbidden Fruit) by Evelyn Adams

Jack was unhappy in his marriage.  While he still loved his life, he missed the sex life that they used to have.  Many of the young women around his office were attracted to him and it was no secret that they would be willing to be with him but he couldn’t do that to his wife.    love unlockedThen, one day when there was a snowstorm, Olivia approached him to drive her home as she didn’t trust her vehicle in the snow.  Jack knew that if he went along with this, he was doomed to be unfaithful to his wife.

As he was driving Olivia home, a vehicle came out of nowhere and slid in front of the SUV.  Thankfully, jack was able to stop but his life flashed before his eyes.  He couldn’t cheat on his wife; in fact, he realized that he had been neglecting her.  He knew that if he had gone home with Olivia he would have made sure she was satisfied, but he realized that he had not been doing the same with his wife, Christine.

Meanwhile, Christine is home and realizing that things are not going as well as they should be with Jack.  While she knows she has not been the wife that he deserves, she has not been able to figure out how to be wife, mom and lover.

Jack arrives home and gives his wife a huge hug and drags her into the laundry room where he proceeds to claim her body for himself.  But will it be enough for them to get the heat back into their relationship?

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book as I think it took a look at reality – a man who works and has temptation around him daily and a woman who is a stay at home and loses her confidence in herself.  But they show that it is possible to get that spark back and bring the relationship back to life.

Note:  There is nipple and clit jewellry involved in this story.

Buy:  Unlocked (Forbidden Fruit)

Book Review: Mine for Tonight (The Billionaires Obsession) by J.S. Scott

Simon has been watching Kara for a while.  He isn’t sure how to approach her or what to do about it, but when he sees her coming home one evening, in clothing that isn’t her usual and almost passes out on the street, he doesn’t think any further.  He takes her into his home and has a doctor look at her.  Turns out she has worn herself ragged from working while   mine for tonightattending nursing school and trying to keep her head above water.  She thought she had gotten over the flu but it turns out it was just a temporary respite.  The doctor orders bed rest and time off work to recover, which Kara cannot afford.  But she is not given a choice as Simon has already called in for her (it turns out Kara works for his mom) and   he demands that she stay in bed.

He sends his assistant over to Kara’s house to retrieve what she will need for a few days but it turns out that she has been evicted.  Her roommate was taking her money but not paying the rent and had been in the proceedings of eviction for a while.  Nothing of hers was left except for a few items.  How would she be able to stay in school?  The thought of having to quit while she saved up money to return was a heavy weight on her.

Simon offers to assist her by allowing her to stay with him in his spare room.  He has a lot of room and he wants to see her rested and able to focus solely on her school work.  One condition of his is that she is not allowed to work, just focus on her school work.  While Kara does not want to accept his offer, she agrees to it.  But it turns out Simon has one more condition, one night with her.  She can pick the night.

Will Simon be able to control his wanting for Kara until she asks for the night?  Will Kara ever ask for that night?

My opinion:

I like the premise of this book but I wonder how realistic it is.  Granted, most people do not read stories like this for reality, they read them as a way to escape from reality.

Note:  Book 1 of a Series

Buy:  Mine for Tonight

Book: Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland

About a week ago, Sylvie sent me an email that listed free and inexpensive ebooks. The comment attached to the forwarded message was to check out the cover of a particular title. I did. Then I showed the cover to the hubby (we were dining out for lunch). We both had a laugh at the cover’s whimsically suggestive design.

Since it was free, I decided to get the book. A few days later I downloaded it onto my iPhone’s Kindle app and started to read it.

The title: Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

I haven’t read the original Fifty Shades books. I don’t plan on it either. I’ve plenty of books on my TBR (to be read) lists that I don’t feel the need to add that series. I have read Alice in Wonderland.

This erotic parody of the two tales is both humorous and sexy. Alice – now eighteen – follows a white rabbit vibrator, a gift from her less-then-skilled lover, down a rabbit hole. What she finds is a Wonderland filled with sexual pleasures beyond her fantasies. As she travels through the mysterious land, she encounters several inhabitants who are more than willing to teach the inexperienced teen more than a few a few lessons on carnal enjoyment.

There is, of course, a lot of sex. There is also kink. Lots of kink (some BSDM, multiple partners, toys, even a Furry). There’s also literary humor. Puns (I’m a fan of a good pun. And of a good bad pun). Asides about copyright. Between the two, I was well entertained. I might even buy the next book in the series, Fifty Shades Of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Sharing stories

I’m part of a small erotica writing group on Facebook. It’s secret, so no one but the members can find the group, let alone read what we are posting. Sylvie is another group member.

Recently there was a discussion about having others reading our works. Granted, most of us are publishing what we write and hope that people are willing to pay for our material; however, those people are likely strangers. Our discussion was focusing on friends and family read the smut we like to write.

SEX BOOKSAs I mentioned in my post last week, I ask my husband to read my stories before I publish them. When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure I wanted to let him read my work. I was a little embarrassed. Then I realized that I have nothing to be embarrassed about in regards to him reading what I’ve written. If I am going to share the erotica I’ve penned with anyone, it should be with him.

I can’t imagine sharing my stories with other family members. They don’t need to know what type of sexual acts take place in my imagination! Especially as they might not realize that the stories are just products of my imagination, not necessarily fantasies I hope to act out one day. The hubby, on the other hand, is the only person who understands just how that part of my nature is.

While not necessarily skilled as an editor, the hubby is able to let me know if the story has a good flow or if there are changes needed to the plot. He can make recommendations to help further the story along. Also, as I also mentioned before, there is a definite advantage to having the hubby read what I write. It is something that another writer in my group recently realized. Reading my smut-filled musings puts the hubby in the mood to inspire more sexy stories.

On that note…time to share my latest work-in-progress with the hubby.

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writing erotica

Exxxpo Erotica 2009 - Rueda de prensa
Exxxpo Erotica 2009 – Rueda de prensa (Photo credit: Christian Javan)

Writing is personal.  This is especially true when writing fiction.  The writer takes a part of herself and adds it to her stories.  This isn’t to say a writer has experienced everything her characters do.   While this seems like common sense, many may not feel that way – especially when it comes to writers of erotica fiction.

Experience is a very helpful tool.  Imagination is even more so. Some of my story ideas come from my personal experiences; more of them come from my very active imagination.  The combination of the two can make a scene believable.  Even if a story is set in a fantasy world or features supernatural beings, there must be elements of reality.  Those elements help keep a reader engrossed in the tale.

Back to writing erotica.

While it may be true that some erotica writers have experienced all of the wicked acts they put to paper, for many it is pure fantasy.  Just because an author writes about forced-to-comply situations, doesn’t mean that she has been part of one.  Perhaps she writes about mfm ménage (male-female-male threesome relationship).  This doesn’t mean that she wants to experience it herself, just as the reader who enjoys that type of erotica may not want to participate in that sort of relationship.

Before I started writing erotica, I was reading erotica.  I am a reader and researcher by nature (I am a librarian).  While reading erotica and romance stories, I realized that I could write stories of my own.  I have the imagination.  I have the writing skills. So I put them to use.  I don’t claim to be the greatest writer ever known, but I don’t think I’m too shabby.  The more I write, the better I will become.

Writing erotica has a personal benefit too.  Just ask the hubby!  He gets to read my stories while I am working on them.  He also gets to enjoy the effects writing sex scenes have on me.  So, it is safe to say that writing erotica is good for our relationship!

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Ebooks and Erotica: A Match Made in Electronic Heaven

I have to say, I love my Kindle.  And one of the main reasons is that it makes it much nicer if I am reading a romance or an erotica novel.  I’m not ashamed to read these, but when you use public transit every day to get to and from work, and people sit with you, it’s not always comfortable reading a book with half naked people on the front of it.  And trust me, they will see the cover at some point.

A Kindle DX Graphite by AmazonWith my Kindle, or any other type of ereader, you can read in private.  Yes, if they were leaning over and reading over your shoulder they would know what you were reading, but chances are they are not going to get that quite close to you.  And really, if they do, well, they deserve to see what you are reading.

Another great perk of an ereader is that you can likely download a free on onto whatever electronic device you have.  A tablet, a computer, a smartphone, most of these have the capability to download books that you can read with you wherever you go.  And many libraries offer systems that will allow you to borrow books from them so you do not have to even step into the library to borrow your erotica.

My plan is to write some erotica.  I have ideas at this point but they have not formed into a point where they are a story.  A few are getting there but they need to be expanded on and drawn out.  500 words does not a story make.  that said, once they are ready, they will be published on the Kindle format and maybe a few other formats if I can figure them out.  And then you can freely read them on your reader without having to worry about what others think.

If you do not have a kindle, that is fine.  There are free apps that you can download on your electronic devices or onto your computer.

Download your Free Kindle App
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