New stories – and a freebie!!

Did you like the taste of Maid to Order that I posted last week? I hope so! Since then I have been busy writing and dreaming up more tales of Lydia and Senator Niles. In fact, over the weekend I published Maid to Order 3!

After two rough sexual encounters with her boss, Lydia wants their sexual adventures continue on a regular basis. First she must convince the state senator that his maid needs the lessons only he can teach.

So what’s next? There are a few other stories I’ve been working on, including a companion story to the Maid to Order series, called Personal Assistant, which is now available via Smashwords! It should available through Amazon soon (Amazon takes a little longer to publish, whereas Smashwords is instantaneous).

What is Personal Assistant about? In this series we will meet Vivian, personal assistant to Senator Stephen Niles. Vivian has a special set of skills that she uses to keep the senator in line. She is the one who hired Lydia.

I’m already working on the next story in the Personal Assistant series.

In celebration of publishing two new stories this week, I have a treat for you! Use this coupon code on Smashwords to get the first Maid to Order story for FREE. Hurry! The code expires on Sunday, May 17, 2014.

The coupon code is PY62S (not case-sensitive). You must enter the code prior to completing your checkout.

A little taste

maid to order 1 smashwords coverHow about a little peek at one of my published works? So far the Maid to Order stories have been my most popular. They are tales of very rough sex between maid Lydia and her boss Senator Stephen Niles. You can purchase the tales through Amazon or Smashwords.

This is an excerpt from the story that started it all.

He took a few steps towards where I was standing. “The shameful way you acted with the guests. It was an embarrassment – especially to me,” he growled. “I expect my employees to not behave in such a…wantonly manner.”

I took a step back, resting my backside on the edge of the sofa’s armrest. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean, Senator Niles. I was polite with everyone…nothing more.”

“I saw the way you were smiling at the men and practically throwing yourself at them.” He glared at me. “I cannot have someone like that in my employ.”

“Please, sir. I need this job. I’ll….I’ll do anything.” I pleaded with him, standing from my perch. Tears were threatening to leak from my eyes. I refused to cry in front of him. “Please give me another chance to prove I am a good employee.”

“Anything to keep your job? You can’t even beg for your job without sounding like a slut.” He stepped towards me. Having no way to escape his path, I stood my ground against the sofa. He grabbed ahold of my arms and brought me against his body, kissing me forcefully. His tongue split my lips apart and probed my mouth. Then he pushed me backwards and my body went over the sofa’s arm. I landed on my back, my legs in the air.

“See how much of a slut you are. You want to keep your job? Will do anything? I will show you just what anything can be.”

My Erotica Journey

When this blog was started, I had plans to write stories.  I still have plans to write a story or two.  But I have decided that stories really are not my strong suit.    I’m not creative enough to come up with ideas but when I do have ideas, getting them written down is very tough.  Its March right now and I have a story I started writing in August that I haven’t touched, just to give you an idea.

I think one of the biggest obstacles to writing fiction is dialogue.  I am not good at writing conversations as the few things I have written either have minimal talking the conversation feels very stiff.  Not to mention, there are a lot of rules when it comes to writing dialogue and the punctuation involved.

I still want to get back to the story I started and finish it but I am not sure what to do with it.  I know what the characters want to do but I’m not sure how all to get them to that place.  I realized a while back that my thoughts of turning out several fiction books will not happen, I will be lucky if I have a few short stories to share or make an anthology out of.

That said, I have a few stories that I can do something with as they are ones a friend wrote and gave me permission to publish.  I have edited them a bit as they required a bit of work but between the two of them, it is not enough words to do anything with.

Another item I have in the pipeline is a non-fiction book in this genre.   Again, nothing is happening with it.  I have the idea, I have some of the text but need to sit down and put it together, expand it a bit and get it published.  I need to do a bit of research but not a lot as I have the majority of the information that I need due to past endeavours.

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