Booty Calls: What You Need To Know

Chances are you have heard of a booty call, even if you have not have one.  The common thought is that it is two people, typically in the evening, get together for sex.   But are there

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any rules or guidelines when it comes to a booty call?  How do you know how you should behave, beyond the obvious?

Just like anything, there really are no rules for a booty call beyond what the two of you have agreed upon.  But there are some things that you may want to keep in mind.

  • A booty call is someone that you get together with for sex.  It doesn’t have to be sex though, it could be any form of sexual play that the two people agree on.
  • For some, they  agree to a booty call situation as there is no romantic partner on the horizon.  Instead of being without a play partner, they agree to sexually benefit the other person.
  • Talking about preferences is a good idea with your booty call person.  Even though this person is not someone that you will have a future with, you still want to keep them happy and provide them pleasure.
  • Consider if you will spend the night or if you leave when you are done.  While I haven’t had many booty calls, they do not tend to end in a sleepover, at least, not in my experience.  It can be awkward in the morning as you do the walk of shame if you were at their place.
  • Talk about birth control and diseases before you hook up.  You don’t want to deal with it in the heat of the moment.

Just like any other type of relationship (face it, a booty call is a relationship if it happens multiple times) it is important to be up front about what you expect.  Do you expect to want to get together once a week, once a month or some other potential frequency?  Are you going to be exclusive to each other sexually?  Will you break things off if you meet someone that you think you could have a future with?

Have you ever had a booty call?  Were there any rules or guidelines that you recommend for people or that you followed?


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