3 Things to Discuss Before Getting Naked

Whether you are looking to date someone or just have a play partner, there are some things that you really should discuss before you start ripping clothing off.  They  may be awkward to discuss but it important to get them out there.  If you do not like their answer, or it doesn’t jive with you, you may want to reconsider if they are the right person to get down and dirty with.

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When were they last tested for STDS?  Have they had partners since then?  Personally, I’ve never asked for proof of this from the doctor but I am sure some people have.  Even if you are using condoms, if you are engaging in any type of oral sex, this is relevant.  Unless you plan to use dental dams and other equipment to avoid direct contact.

Birth Control

Another important discussion.  If neither of you has any plans to have children with each other, or at this time, birth control is a must.  Never believe a guy who says he cannot have children (I know a lady whose guy told her this, guess what?  she got pregnant).  If he says he has a vasectomy, you may want to have a dr’s note before you agree to no condoms.  Regardless, you should use them for the first while due to disease. I am a firm advocate of the woman being on some form of birth control as well.  The form may be discussed as not all methods are as fool proof as others.


What will happen if the female gets pregnant?  This may not be a first night discussion but if you are going to remove a type of birth control (ie condoms) and only rely on one or none, it is likely a good discussion to have.   Even if neither of you are looking to have children, accidents can happen and it doesn’t hurt to know the other person’s opinions before it happens.

Men and Birth Control

When it comes to sex, birth control can be a large issue.  Whether you are with a new partner or a monogamous partner and you are trying to avoid pregnancy, most couples have to deal

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with the birth control discussion at some point.  These days, there are a lot of issues but many of them are ones that the female has to deal with and make sure to take.  But this article is not about birth control for females, but birth control for men.

Everyone is familiar with condoms.   Based on my experiences, they are something that all guys dislike to use but some of them are much better about being willing to use them than others.  I have had guys that refuse to use them, as a result, no sex for them.  It is not just about birth control but about avoiding diseases, and lets face it, cum is messy!

Due to the dislike of condoms in the male population, and there are many females that dislike them as well, science is looking into other options.  But, are these actually viable options for men and will they use them?


One of the things I have heard about, and I think it may even be available on a limited basis, is a shot for guys.  It blocks the ability of the testicles to produce sperm.  But on the one article I saw, many men commented that there was no way that they would let anyone near their penis with a needle.  But then, there were other men that were ready to sign up.  This shot was good for multiple years and I believe there was another shot to reverse the original one.


Just like women, there is some discussion of creating a birth control pill for me.  But just like women, they would then have to remember to take it on whatever schedule required.

One of the biggest concerns for me on any of these options for me is how can you guarantee that the guy is actually using whatever method he says?  Ultimately, if pregnancy occurs, it is the woman who has to deal with having a pregnancy and any decisions that arise from it.  Then there is concern about disease.  In a monogamous relationship, it likely isn’t such an issue but in a new relationship or casual one, it’s a different story.




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