Bought by the Billionaire Brothers (BBW Billionaire Erotica) by Alex Andria

Penny has been working for the Buchanan brothers for six months.  Over that time, she had noticed that the brothers never wanted for company but knew that she would never catch their attention as she was not a size two which seemed to be their preferred type.    Bought by a Billionaire Brothers

But then, one evening Penny is called by her boss Gilbert, and told that she has been summoned to the brother’s home, she is shocked especially when Gilbert tells her that they asked for her personally.    Even thought she figures they won’t even notice her appearance, she makes sure to look good before heading over.  The whole time, her mind is spinning with fantasies of what she wishes the brothers would do to her but she knows that is not likely to happen.

When she arrives, she finds out that the brothers have a proposal for her. Is it something that Penny would be interested in or are the brothers going to be denied?


When I downloaded this book, I also downloaded the fourth book in the series.  I actually read them out of order and while the fourth book was able to stand on its own, there was a bit of confusion.

My opinion:

I like the concept of the books but I do not like how the author has split them up into six different books.  I can see offering the first section free to get people interested but then leave the rest as one book and put a price on it.  In looking again, I see that you can buy each “chapter” or you can buy all parts together in one file.

Book 4 – The Cut of Deception

I am not going to write much about this book as it may spoil it all, but essentially, one brother is mad at his other two brothers and uses Penny to get revenge.  Does Penny know and will it work?  You need to read to find out.