Butt.. What?!?

One trend I have noticed when chatting to guys is that there is a lot of interest in butt play.  Whether it is having their butt played with, them wanting to play with my butt or having anal sex, it is definitely a topic that comes up a lot.

Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche ...
Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche Culture. 300 C.E. Larco Museum Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve tried to asking a few of them what the fascination is, especially in regards to playing with a female’s butt.  The best answer I can get it that it is something that is naughty, taboo.  Some have said that it is tighter than the vagina which makes sense to me.

I can get why men like their butt played with.  The prostate gland is found through there and it probably feels like a female’s g-spot when it is stimulated and allows a guy to have a better orgasm.   But yet, knowing this, there are guys that are totally on board and want to play with a girls’ butt as well as penetrate it but yet, they do not want anything to be done to theirs.   Exit only as the saying goes.   To me, its equal opportunity.  You want a play with mine, I’m going to play with yours.   By the way, the taint (area between penis and asshole) is very sensitive.

So if you are going to engage in anal play, here are a few tips that I have for you from experience and toy selling:

  • Go slow!  Especially if this is a new experience for either party.  Butt muscles are not designed to stretch the same way the vagina is so it is more of a challenge.
  • Use lube.  While I have encountered many people who believe that they shouldn’t need to use lube, use it!  Just like stretching, the butt does not create natural lube like a vagina.  It needs some help.  Silicone is best as it lasts longer.
  • Stop means stop.  If your partner says stop, then stop what you are doing!  You want this to be pleasurable so that they will be willing to do it again and if it hurts, they will not let you near them again.

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