Book: Revenge: A West Coast Novel, Book 1 by Jasmine Haynes

Clay is Jessica’s boss and he is looking to hire a new controller for the company.  It is well known that Clay and Ruby are in a relationship and live together but one night, Jessica catches Ruby with another guy on Clay’s desk after hours.  When Jessica confronts Ruby, she says that Clay knows and that he likes it when she is with another man and then comesRevenge home to him and tells him about it.  Jessica is shocked and leaves.

But Jessica cannot let it go and tells Clay about it a few days later. He does not believe her but Jessica had found Ruby’s thong on the floor and had put it in Clay’s desk which sealed the deal for Clay.  He goes home and is very mad at Ruby as she broke two of the three rules which he has for her.

Meanwhile, Jessica is thinking more about her interest in Clay and what she can do to get him to pay attention to her.  But she is also worried about how that may look with her in line for the job of controller.  So she continues to see her fuck buddy and use him to get out her fantasies.

Are Clay and Ruby done?  Will Jessica be able to tempt Clay or will their business relationship end up being more important than their sexual attraction?

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book and it dealt with a topic I did not know much about but have heard of.  It deals with a woman cuckolding her man with his permission and explains a bit of the attraction behind it.  Clay allows Ruby to play with other men all she wants (within the rules) but he doesn’t play with anyone else.

This is the first in a series, with the second book following Ruby’s story after this book ends.


Book: Sex and the Social Network by Victoria Lexington

This story is about four married women who have met up with men through Facebook.  Two of them are re-connecting with a prior love, one meets a man through a friend and the other ends up hooking up with a work colleague.  All these women are not happy with their current lives – they are married, with children, but life is not what they expect it to be.  When these men express an interest in them, they think that maybe this is what they are missing and continue to pursue the relationship to see where it goes.   Sex and the Social Network

All the women have a common connection, Liz, who is one of the characters in the book.  We follow Maria who is her best friend, Gabby who is a coworker and Julia who is another friend of Liz’s.  Liz knows of the women and the men that they are chatting with but does not feel that she can do more than to warn her friends to be careful.

My opinion:

Interesting concept for a book, as I can imagine this situation is something that has likely happened to many people.  It makes you think about the consequences of your actions as each woman has a different experience.  Is the grass always greener on the other side?  Or does it just look that way?  And are you willing to give up the grass on this side to check it out?

I think there are a few aspects that could have been explored a bit more in regards to how the woman coped.  We see some of Gabby’s history to explain her behavior but there is not a lot to help explain how she dealt with it.   While that is not needed for her character to progress and develop, it may be helpful for readers who have dealt with the same issues.

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