Re-using Toys, Ew! Or can you?

I know what your first thought is, I know where that toy has been and I am not using my  new partner’s previous sex toys.  But, hear me out.  There are some toys that it is safe to “recycle” (if you want to call it that).  This article assumes that these toys were used on the prior partner, not just on your new playmate.

Jelly Toys

I’m going to tell you right off the bat, these likely should be tossed.  Jelly is porous and you have no clue what CE-0641-10-2_2477_1 could be hanging out in that toy that could make you sick.    These toys typically are cheaper to start with so it should not hit the pocket book too horribly hard when it hits the garbage can.  If you really cannot bring yourself to toss this toy for whatever reason, give it a good scrub.  I would recommend searching the Net for how to clean it.  Using a condom on it is a good idea as well!


Next up, silicone.  Silicone toys tend to be a bit on the pricier side so it is harder to decide to part with these.  TT-001908_20727_2Thankfully, you do not have to.  You should give them a good wash.   You can run these toys through your dishwasher if you want, but i recommend that you take them out before your mom comes over or she may get a bit of a shock when she decides that your kitchen needs to be tidied.  If you don’t want to run them through the wash, consider boiling them for three to five minutes.  Learn more about the care and cleaning of silicone.


Sleek and beautiful glass.   Again, not a cheap toy, but again, easy to clean.  Glass is non-porous just like silicone Pink Iciclesso you can wash it with ease.  Run it through the dishwasher or boil it.

Ultimately, it is up to you and your comfort level if you are going to use a toy that was used with someone else.  Clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner at a minimum, use a condom and inspect the toy.  While you can easily clean silicone and glass, if you find a crack or chip, it is time to move on.

Practicing Safe Sex and Avoiding the ER

There is a good chance you have heard of the TV

Hospital corridor, in gray
Hospital corridor, in gray (Photo credit: Julie70)

show “Sex Sent me to the ER”.  I’m actually watching it as I write this and wow, it’s amazing what people do!  They start with good intentions but things go drastically wrong.    If you just take 30 seconds to think things through, you’ll have a lot more fun and you won’t end up in the ER.

Pop Rocks

There was one episode where the lady decided that she wanted her partner to use pop rocks on her genitals.  You know those candies that you put in your mouth and they pop and explode?  Yah, those.   But there are a few different issues here.   Your genitals and the skin is thin and sensitive.  Want to irritate it?  This is a great way to do that.  Not only that, but sugar and your genitals are not a good combination, you’re just setting yourself up for a yeast infection.

If you want to play with food in the bedroom, a few things to remember:

  • Avoid getting anything with sugar internal
  • If you are using sugar items around the genitals, clean them off fully before going to penetrative sex, and no a tongue usually is not good enough.
  • Use items that are specifically designed for this type of play.

Anal Toys

Another issue is that a husband and wife were playing with an anal toy and it got lost.  You may wonder how it got lost but it seems that it got pushed up a little too far and then his muscles took over and moved it up even further.   They could not get it out in the ER and he ended up having surgery to get it out.

Some safety ideas:

  • Use toys that are designed specifically for anal use.  They typically have a flared base to avoid the toy getting lost.
  • If you want to use a toy that is not for anal use, put a condom on it to keep it from getting lost.

There are soooo many more things that I could write but this is a great start.  And if you do end up in the ER, don’t be embarrassed to tell the Dr what happened, you will get faster and more accurate treatment.

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For your viewing pleasure

There is a misconception about pornography and women. It seems to be a commonly held belief that women in general do not like porn. Additionally, those few women who do are only fans of softcore or “romantic” porn. And we cannot forget that supposedly one cannot be a feminist and also enjoy pornography.

American porn star Jenna Jameson


Granted, this may all be true for some women; however, it isn’t necessarily true for ALL women. Thanks to these misconceptions, a woman may feel ashamed for enjoying smut. The idea that there is something wrong with a woman who finds pleasure in viewing pornography is just as ridiculous as the notions that a woman who finds sex enjoyable is a slut. Far from the truth, my friends. Far from the truth. Instead of making enjoying sex – both viewing and engaging in – shameful, we need to embrace our sexuality.

Many feel that pornography degrades women and that women are forced to participate in such activities, and admittedly in some cases this is the truth. In many more cases, though, women are very willing participants in all aspects. There are women, such as Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick, who have become porno superstars, and have gone from being on film to being behind the scenes as directors. They have even started their own production companies.

So set aside your shame and enjoy some hardcore porn. You might even learn a few new techniques to share with your lover! Watch it alone, or with your partner. Discover new pleasures and use it as a way to get into the mood, or as a way to share your interests. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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playing dress up

Naughty Teacher’s Pet

I have always enjoyed dressing up.  There is something  about putting on makeup and doing my hair that can usually lift me out of a small funk.  But that is not exactly what I mean about enjoying dressing up.  I enjoy putting on a sexy or a slutty outfit and using it as an invitation for happy playtime with the hubby.  (Alright, I will admit, even just for myself from time to time).  There is just something about putting on a sexy outfit that makes me hot.

Rarely does an outfit contain items I purchased specifically for sexual play.  Oh, I own a few corsets, g-strings, and the like. However, most of my outfits are made up of articles I still wear out on a semi-regular basis, such as sexy heels, knee high boots, and thigh-high stockings.  There are some parts that I purchased with other purposes in mind that have since become a part of my sexy dress-up drawer, like the long gloves I originally bought for my wedding (I later decided to not wear them for the big day) and a white cotton blouse that is too tight for outside the bedroom (but perfect for dressing like a school girl or secretary).

The dressing up part is fun; however, it is just the beginning.  With the right outfit I can go from being a wife to being someone entirely different.  The outfit sets the mood for what is to come.  The only limitations are our imaginations.