Book: Revenge: A West Coast Novel, Book 1 by Jasmine Haynes

Clay is Jessica’s boss and he is looking to hire a new controller for the company.  It is well known that Clay and Ruby are in a relationship and live together but one night, Jessica catches Ruby with another guy on Clay’s desk after hours.  When Jessica confronts Ruby, she says that Clay knows and that he likes it when she is with another man and then comesRevenge home to him and tells him about it.  Jessica is shocked and leaves.

But Jessica cannot let it go and tells Clay about it a few days later. He does not believe her but Jessica had found Ruby’s thong on the floor and had put it in Clay’s desk which sealed the deal for Clay.  He goes home and is very mad at Ruby as she broke two of the three rules which he has for her.

Meanwhile, Jessica is thinking more about her interest in Clay and what she can do to get him to pay attention to her.  But she is also worried about how that may look with her in line for the job of controller.  So she continues to see her fuck buddy and use him to get out her fantasies.

Are Clay and Ruby done?  Will Jessica be able to tempt Clay or will their business relationship end up being more important than their sexual attraction?

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book and it dealt with a topic I did not know much about but have heard of.  It deals with a woman cuckolding her man with his permission and explains a bit of the attraction behind it.  Clay allows Ruby to play with other men all she wants (within the rules) but he doesn’t play with anyone else.

This is the first in a series, with the second book following Ruby’s story after this book ends.


Review: AdultFriendFinder

Cost:  Limited abilities as free, membership gives you more access

Even though it is called friend finder, it is a sex site.  That said, there seems to be a lot more talk than anything based on my experience.  But I included it for a reason.  I have met more guys on this site than any of the other sites.

adultfriendfinder cutie
adultfriendfinder cutie (Photo credit: stevendamron)

One of the freebies for people is the ability to use the instant message, the group chat rooms and the community forums (I haven’t posted here).  As a result, I have chatted with any more people than on the other sites.  And while the majority of people are looking for sex, I rarely get to the stage where I meet up with them.  Many disappear when they see my picture (even though I tell them up front I am a BBW) and many times, if we do meet, there is no attraction to take things further.

If you are female and new to the site, be prepared to be overwhelmed.  There is a lack of females on the site and as a result, you are fresh meat, literally and figuratively.

In talking to a male acquaintance on the site, it is much easier to find a guy that is willing to hook up than a girl, which does not really surprise me.  But I have heard that the girls on the site can be quite aggressive as well.

No matter your gender or what you are looking for, you will be propositioned by couples and by men.  Even men that have it in their profile that they are 100% straight tend to get these messages.

Note:  I am currently a gold member as apparently my profile has had enough visitors, etc that I am a “favourite” visitor.  I have been on the site for a year.  It is a two week upgrade but it has been renewed three times as of writing.  Gold Members can see full profiles and possibly other things which I have not played with.

My recommendation?

I think it really depends on what you want to find on these sites.  If you are looking to chat, there are always people hanging out on AFF on the instant messenger.  Not everyone is there looking for sex and it is possible to have some good conversations.

I find on the actual dating sites, people disappear a lot faster.  Maybe it is because the guys are hopeful on AFF if they talk to you long enough, you will be willing to get naked with them.


I find it interesting that even though I live in a city with a population of 250,000 including surrounding areas, I have run into the same guys on multiple sites.  I think I am up to 5 now that I have seen on various sites.

3 on POF and AFF

1 on AFF and Eharmony

1 on OKCupid and AFF

Read my review of the dating websites:   Meeting People Online – Dating Sites and More


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Meeting People Online – Dating Sites

If you are looking online to meet people to date or possibly more, chances are you are going to head to the dating sites.  That said, there are a lot of different sites and options out there to find people on.  I’m going to give you my reviews and impressions of these

The Dating Game
The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sites.  Please keep in mind your results may  vary.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Cost:  Free, can pay to upgrade and get advanced features

I have met several people from this site and dated a few for a while.  I have mostly met guys who are actually looking for someone to hang out with and date or have a relationship with.  Just like any free site, there were a few that messaged for just intimate encounters.  POF actually removed this category from the site last year.  I’m not sure if it has cut down on that type of messaging though.  I did get a sexual message the other day and was able to report it as inappropriate.

You can still flirt, chat and email without having to pay which was the main purpose when this site was created.


Cost:  Free, can pay to upgrade for more features

Getting started on OkHarmony takes a while.  There are a lot of questions that they want you to answer to get the best results.  I do encounter profiles where they didn’t bother to deal with the questionnaires though.

One of my favourite parts of this site is that it will give you an idea of how compatible you are with someone.  You get three scores – match, friend, enemy and  you determine what is ideal for you.  I think that they use all the questions you answer for this and where you are the same you are matches and where you are opposite, you are enemies.  Part of the appeal is that if you find someone you are interested in, youc an go through their questions and answers and see how you match up.

You can message and chat for free o this site as well.


Cost:  Monthly fee, has free weekends occasionally

You need at least an hour to set up a profile on this site as there are a lot of questions to answer.  They say that you are matched with people on scientific research.  I’m not sure how much I agree with that based on my matches.  I have communicated with a few people on here but have not gotten very far.

When you find someone who is a match, it is advised you go through their guided communication in which there are preset questions that you ask the other person.  They then reply and send back their own preset questions.  After three or four exchanges, you can then go to an internal email system.   That said, I have seen several people who sneak their email address into their profile so people can contact them directly.

Next week I will be posting a review on an adult website, AdultFriendFinder

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Book Review: Mine for Tonight (The Billionaires Obsession) by J.S. Scott

Simon has been watching Kara for a while.  He isn’t sure how to approach her or what to do about it, but when he sees her coming home one evening, in clothing that isn’t her usual and almost passes out on the street, he doesn’t think any further.  He takes her into his home and has a doctor look at her.  Turns out she has worn herself ragged from working while   mine for tonightattending nursing school and trying to keep her head above water.  She thought she had gotten over the flu but it turns out it was just a temporary respite.  The doctor orders bed rest and time off work to recover, which Kara cannot afford.  But she is not given a choice as Simon has already called in for her (it turns out Kara works for his mom) and   he demands that she stay in bed.

He sends his assistant over to Kara’s house to retrieve what she will need for a few days but it turns out that she has been evicted.  Her roommate was taking her money but not paying the rent and had been in the proceedings of eviction for a while.  Nothing of hers was left except for a few items.  How would she be able to stay in school?  The thought of having to quit while she saved up money to return was a heavy weight on her.

Simon offers to assist her by allowing her to stay with him in his spare room.  He has a lot of room and he wants to see her rested and able to focus solely on her school work.  One condition of his is that she is not allowed to work, just focus on her school work.  While Kara does not want to accept his offer, she agrees to it.  But it turns out Simon has one more condition, one night with her.  She can pick the night.

Will Simon be able to control his wanting for Kara until she asks for the night?  Will Kara ever ask for that night?

My opinion:

I like the premise of this book but I wonder how realistic it is.  Granted, most people do not read stories like this for reality, they read them as a way to escape from reality.

Note:  Book 1 of a Series

Buy:  Mine for Tonight


White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement.
White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement. I wonder if this gave 100 orgasms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I was enjoying a lovely time alone when one of my favorite toys stopped buzzing. Ugh! Not wanting to kill the mood, I quickly replaced the batteries. That didn’t fix the issue. Luckily I have a treasure trove of delights within reach, so I could continue my solo fun.

After I was finished, I checked out the toy, trying to see what the issue could be, hoping it was one I could easily fix. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reason for it to die. Maybe I had previously hit the promise in the item’s name: 100 Orgasms.

This five-inch “massager” was perfect for both quick solo play and happy fun time with the hubby. The speed was adjustable. It required only one AA battery (hello, rechargeable!). It was great.

Until it died.

I bought it back in July. This isn’t the first time I had this little delight. I had purchased one a few years ago. It didn’t work when it arrived, due to a broken piece of metal inside. It was quickly replaced by the company I purchased it from. I can’t recall when it died, but eventually it did, prompting me to eventually order a new one (from a different company).

So, rest in peace 100 Orgasms massager, you will be missed. Hopefully not for long, though, as a new, different vibrator is on the way to my house. Let’s cross our fingers it will last longer than six months!

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Book: Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland

About a week ago, Sylvie sent me an email that listed free and inexpensive ebooks. The comment attached to the forwarded message was to check out the cover of a particular title. I did. Then I showed the cover to the hubby (we were dining out for lunch). We both had a laugh at the cover’s whimsically suggestive design.

Since it was free, I decided to get the book. A few days later I downloaded it onto my iPhone’s Kindle app and started to read it.

The title: Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

I haven’t read the original Fifty Shades books. I don’t plan on it either. I’ve plenty of books on my TBR (to be read) lists that I don’t feel the need to add that series. I have read Alice in Wonderland.

This erotic parody of the two tales is both humorous and sexy. Alice – now eighteen – follows a white rabbit vibrator, a gift from her less-then-skilled lover, down a rabbit hole. What she finds is a Wonderland filled with sexual pleasures beyond her fantasies. As she travels through the mysterious land, she encounters several inhabitants who are more than willing to teach the inexperienced teen more than a few a few lessons on carnal enjoyment.

There is, of course, a lot of sex. There is also kink. Lots of kink (some BSDM, multiple partners, toys, even a Furry). There’s also literary humor. Puns (I’m a fan of a good pun. And of a good bad pun). Asides about copyright. Between the two, I was well entertained. I might even buy the next book in the series, Fifty Shades Of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Book: Sex and the Social Network by Victoria Lexington

This story is about four married women who have met up with men through Facebook.  Two of them are re-connecting with a prior love, one meets a man through a friend and the other ends up hooking up with a work colleague.  All these women are not happy with their current lives – they are married, with children, but life is not what they expect it to be.  When these men express an interest in them, they think that maybe this is what they are missing and continue to pursue the relationship to see where it goes.   Sex and the Social Network

All the women have a common connection, Liz, who is one of the characters in the book.  We follow Maria who is her best friend, Gabby who is a coworker and Julia who is another friend of Liz’s.  Liz knows of the women and the men that they are chatting with but does not feel that she can do more than to warn her friends to be careful.

My opinion:

Interesting concept for a book, as I can imagine this situation is something that has likely happened to many people.  It makes you think about the consequences of your actions as each woman has a different experience.  Is the grass always greener on the other side?  Or does it just look that way?  And are you willing to give up the grass on this side to check it out?

I think there are a few aspects that could have been explored a bit more in regards to how the woman coped.  We see some of Gabby’s history to explain her behavior but there is not a lot to help explain how she dealt with it.   While that is not needed for her character to progress and develop, it may be helpful for readers who have dealt with the same issues.

Purchase:  Sex and the Social Network

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Book: Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex by Tymber Dalton

I recently read this quick non-fiction book about BDSM: Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex by Tymber Dalton.

Perhaps you are interested in writing BDSM stories.  Perhaps you are interested in learning a little more about the BDSM lifestyle.   This short non-fiction book is a great one to read, regardless of your reasons for picking it up.  Author Tymber Dalton’s is familiar with the BDSM lifestyle, her knowledge stemming from first-hand experiences and observations, and from interviewing others who practice the many various forms of BDSM.  The conversational tone of the short book keeps the topic engaging and interesting, without sounding overly instructional or preachy, making the book accessible to a variety of audiences.

Near the end of the book, Dalton provides a chapter full of additional resources.  This is fantastic – especially for the BDSM newbie or curious.  Unfortunately, since I read this as a Kindle e-book, something I do on my iPhone, I wasn’t able to easily check out the websites she mentions.  The links are there, but since I would like to look at them on my laptop, not my smart phone, it required a little more effort on my part; i.e. accessing them through my Kindle Cloud, which I had not previously done with any e-book.  As I get around to exploring the various suggested resources, I will share my views on them.

Dalton’s tips for “What NOT to Write” (the title of Chapter Five) are excellent, regardless of the type of sex about which you are writing.  Her first tip is especially important for all writers, even if there is absolutely no sex in their stories.  Do your research.  I, for one, am enjoying doing research for my current writings!

After reading this book, I started a fiction piece that had a BDSM slant.  I couldn’t finish it. I couldn’t even get more than a third of the way through it, as I kept thinking of the stereotypes that Dalton cautions against.  Many of them were used within the first couple of chapters, making me unable to get into the story.

Toys Recommendations by Sylvie

If your mind is set on a toy, here are some pretty cool ones that I wouldn’t mind having in my toy chest.  I may have spend some money once I am done writing this post!

A Great First Vibe

If you have never played with toys, some of the ones out there can be intimidating.  This is a great vibe to start out with as it is small but packs a lot of punch.   Even if you are a toy veteran, this can be a great addition to the toy chest as really, who doesn’t love aA Girl's Best Friend small toy that is easy to take with them?  If you tend to carry this one around in your purse, considering taking out the batteries so it doesn’t start humming while in the line for your morning coffee or in your bosses office.

These types of vibes are also great for all sorts of stimulation.  Use them all over the body or on his body too and see how he reacts.

Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibrator

This vibe is still considered a rabbit but it is a higher end vibe.  You may wonder what is wrong with a standard rabbit and the answer is nothing.  But, that Wild Orchid Rabbit Vibratorsaid, this vibrator has a different type of clitorial stimulator.  Many women find that the bunny ears on the traditional vibe doesn’t do anything for them.  This has a little suction type cup that “sucks” on the clit for that much more stimulation.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t compare to your tongue but it’s a nice change of pace!


Ben Wa Balls

For many women, especially if they have had children, they feel that their kegal muscles are Ben Wa Ballsnot as tight as they could be.  While they can do kegal exercises, it can be easier if they use ben wa balls.  There are essentially two different kinds, the traditional ones that are small little balls that you insert or those that have a string on them.  While they cannot get lost, if you feel more comfortable with the string ones, they work just as well.

Note:  If you are buying these for the female in your life, be careful how you present them. Lelo Luna Weighted Balls




Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo

Have you ever tried a glass sex toy?  Oohh.. deliciousness!  They are smooth and slide qSapphire Spiral Glass Dildouite easily.  They also warm up to your body temperature so if you have a pet peeve about cold sex toys, you can easily warm it up before use.  If you like your toys on the cold side, put it in the fridge.  And another great benefit of glass?  You can run it through the dishwasher if you are so inclined!





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