What we wear under there

It is amazing what a difference having a new bra – one that actually fits you correctly – can make on your state of bliss. It isn’t something I have thought about often, but recently I realized just how awesome the feeling is.

Several of my bras had to be tossed. The underwire broke on a couple. The dog chewed the plastic bit that holds the straps on another. A few more were just stretched too much to keep wearing. I needed to go bra shopping STAT. Luckily a department store in my area was having a huge sale – including on bras. I didn’t know this when I walked in, but I was glad of it by the time I walked out!1422730_694399137238299_1947854978_n

The sales girl fitted me. It had been some time since I had last been fitted for a bra. I had an idea of what size I thought I was. Note that I said “thought”. It ends up my idea was quite a bit off on both circumference and cup size. Once we knew what sizes were needed, I was left – topless – in the dressing room while she pulled a variety of bras for me to try on. Since she was the only one working in the department that day, this took some time. The time I waited was well worth it, though. In the end, I walked out of the store with six new bras at a fraction of their original prices.

Having a bra that fits adds confidence and self-esteem – two feelings that help make sex more enjoyable (see what I did there…I brought it to sex). Confidence is a big turn on for most people – both the one exhibiting it and the ones watching her act with it. Plus, when the girls are boosted into the right area, you just might want to show off your new underthings to your partner. “Look at this, babe. My tits are looking great!!”

So, if it’s been some time since you last went bra shopping, I highly recommend it. It might be just the boost you’ve been searching for!