The Proposal (A Perfect Match Series) by Lily Zante

Nadine is hosting her sister’s bachelorette party at her home.  When the male strippers show up, she sneaks into the living room to see what is going on.  But when the men take their clothes off and the oil comes out, she heads back into the kitchen.  When Ethan heads into the kitchen to cool off a bit, him and Nadine chat while she invites him to have a snack.   The Proposal

Shortly after, Nadine finds out that there is a work retreat coming up and she needs to bring a significant other with her.  But the problem is, she doesn’t have one.  But with a potential promotion on the line, she needs to find someone.  While she has a guy she normally brings to these types of events, she knows that he will not work in this occasion.  She calls the agency that she hired Ethan through to see if she can hire him for the weekend.

Before the retreat, Ethan and Nadine get together to work out all the details.  But when they actually arrive at the hotel, and realize that they need to act like they are in love, and that they have to share a hotel room, they are not sure if this will really work.  Can they make Nadine’s coworkers believe that they are truly a couple and in love?  Will Nadine end up with the promotion she wants?

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book and the concept.  It’s interesting to see how Ethan and Nadine interact and how she brings forward her conceptions of what she thinks Ethan’s job truly means.

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Are you Kinky? Yes!

First of all, to answer this, we really need to look at what kinky means.  But when I try to search it on the Net, I get all sorts of answers as to what sexually kinky means.  Maybe we need to define vanilla first and go from

Love cuffs
Love cuffs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A description of what a culture regards as standard or conventional sexual practice. Often, it is interpreted as sex which does not involve elements such as, BDSM, kink, or fetish activities. Usually defined as boring, plain sex. But, a vanilla lover would regard it as making-love, passionate sex.. –

I don’t know a heck of a lot of people whose entire sex life would fit into that definition.  Many of the people I know have brought some level of kink into their home and bedroom.  Whether it is a set of fuzzy cuffs or using a tie for a bit of bondage, I would imagine that many have tried something like that.  Kinky may include the use of toys in the bedroom depending on your own personal definition.

If you are someone who sees themselves in the vanilla definition but want to spice things up, the above items might be a good start.  You can buy a set of cuffs without too much embarrassment and if you do not have a tie in the house, chances are you have something else within your home that will work instead.  Use your imagine – pantyhose, a string, bungee cords – just be careful that nothing will pull too tight and harm your partner.  And you are not limited to using these things on the female in the relationship, there are many men that enjoy the use of these things on them.

A few things you can try:

  • Handcuffs – Cuff the wrists, cuff the ankles, cuff a wrist to a bedpost or other object, cuff above the head
  • Tie – Same as cuffs but more flexible, blindfold, use to tease your partners body
  • Feather – Tease over your partners body, tickle

Two Strikes and You’re Out!

I know in baseball it takes 3 strikes before you are out, but well, we aren’t talking baseball.

Finally, after 10 innings and almost 3 hours o...
Finally, after 10 innings and almost 3 hours of play, Texas booked a win over Penn State. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some reason, I seem to run into these guys who I meet up with once or maybe twice, and then they disappear.  A few months, or even a year later, I run into them again.  They express their interest, I am way too nice and agree to meet up again, and then the pattern continues.  After this happens the second time, I am done with them, no matter what their reason, er, excuse may be.  You would think after this happened the first time or two in general I would learn my lesson but I am way too nice of a person.

What I don’t get is the ease at which a person can keep in touch.  With the majority of people having access to a smartphone as well as email, there is no reason that a quick little message can’t be sent.  Heck, I have even discussed this with some of these people that ultimately disappear and they agree that there is no reason why a person cannot send a message.  Yet, a message does not appear.

I understand that for some, this is the route they take when they decide that there is no interest.   Instead of doing the polite thing and sending a message that they changed their mind/life is too busy/whatever the reason is, they just ignore you.  I get it, I may be guilty of doing it once or twice and I have been called out on it too.

But really, I am a big girl, if you aren’t interested, just tell me.  I’m not going to go all stalker on you and contact you every half hour to try and get you to change your mind.  I will move on, there are many other fish and maybe even men in the sea.