Unsolicited Penis Pictures

I really do not get why guys feel the need to send penis pictures to people who do not ask for them.  i can understand if you are chatting with them on a site that is mostly about sex and they send it in the course of conversation but too often I will meet a guy in a somewhat normal matter and we will move to texting and all of a sudden, I get a picture of his junk.  No warning, no asking if I want to see, it’s just there!

The Pimpin' Penis
The Pimpin’ Penis (Photo credit: cimorenegal)

Today for instance, I’m chatting with this guy, he decides to ask if I’m horny and all of a sudden, there is the picture.  We met on plenty of fish, not a sex site.   the conversation was all innocent and I get this picture and he said that he could not help it.  Last I knew, a smartphone is not able to send a picture via text all by itself, the owner has to tell it to send it.

Regardless, I gave him crap for it.  It’s not that I am necessarily against these types of pictures but I prefer to be asked if I want them or ask for them before i get sent them.  Maybe I am at a family event and there are little eyes around, maybe I am at the grocery store chatting with someone, or heaven forbid I am at work and my phone is somewhere that someone might see.

I have talked to a few of my guy friends and asked why guys do this.  Some of them don’t know , some said they have done it but only if they were asked, and others sheepishly admitted that they have sent without permission.

I think a lot has to do with guys and their self worth.   For some reason, they feel that if they do not have a big/thick/goodlooking penis, they are not any good and by sending a picture, they will hopefully get a positive response.   Does society penis shame  men the same way they shame women if they are larger than a size 6?


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