Book: Angel (NSC Industries) by D H Sidebottom

Carter and Olivia meet each other at university and never leave each other’s side.  But when school ends, they have some tough decisions to make.  Olivia has accepted a job locally but Carter has not received an offer yet.  When he does, it is up in Edinburgh and he has to leave in a day.  Due to this, Olivia is not able to tell him her news.  He promises that they will stay in touch but she knows that they will not.   angel

Fast forward 20 years, Olivia is a single mom and working hard to make ends meet.  She accepts a new job at NSC Industries but her boss is a pervert.  But she needs the job and the money and tolerates it.  Thankfully, she has great coworkers who know what the boss is like and they are able to tolerate him as a group.

She comes in one day and finds Carter in with her boss.  He has just returned from America after six months and it turns out that he actually owns the company.  Olivia hadn’t had a chance to research the company before she got the job or she likely would have known this already and is thrown for a shock when she finds this out.

Carter invites her for lunch which she does not feel is a good idea but they go and they quickly lapse back into the way things were at school.

But will they be able to find happiness ever after or will everything be destroyed when Carter finds out all Olivia’s secrets?

My opinion:

It is nice to see a strong male character that is willing to put himself out there to get the woman he wants.  Carter is deep and you can see how much Olivia has affected him and how his life has been without her.

I’m not sure that Olivia would be quite as well adjusted as she is with everything that she has gone through.

Regardless, this book got my attention and I couldn’t put it down.  It was a good thing I was reading it o a Friday night as I ended up staying up until 3 am reading!

Buy this book:  Angel (NSC Industries)

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