Where are Sylvie’s stories?

When Lucy and I started this blog, I had great plans to write.  And don’t get me wrong, I still have plans to write.  But I can’t seem to sit down and actually write anything.  I have started a few stories but they have not gotten very far, I think the longest one is about 1500 words.  I know what the story wants to do, but it just isn’t calling out to me to get written.

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That said, I seem to get myself into all sorts of situations online involving guys.   Lucy thinks I need to write stories about these events and I don’t disagree, but with these, I have no clue where to start or how to even start.  I foresee them being a collection of short stories as many of the situations are done and over but as of the time of this blog post, there are a few still going on.

Just a few examples of my stories to tell:

– Exhibitionist who wants to visit me but get naked at the door.  And did I mention he wanted me to invite a bunch of friends over and he would be the waiter for the night and slowly get naked over the course of the evening?  He also wanted to be the entertainment at a party one time, apparently he even got as far as the house but lost his nerve to “perform” for us.

– Finding a guy who wanted to be a submissive to me.  He was good with it for one night but after that he wanted to be in charge.  He also felt that he could be an equal to me as a sub.

– Many guys who just wanted to play online.  They didn’t want to be submissive to me but they wanted me to tell them what to do to themselves.

– Multiple general conversations with guys and the things they say and wnat to do to a stranger that they have never met.

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