Book: Against the Wall by Julie Prestsater

Shelly is a teacher who has just been dumped by her boyfriend and fiancé of 10 years, Chase.   She has two best friends, Melissa and Matt.  It is no secret that Matt has a crush on   Against the Wallher but he is a coworker and she does not want to mix romance and work again, Chase is also a coworker.

Melissa encourages her to start dating again so the two of them go out on the town.    As Shelly is very particular about her beer, she decides to pick guys based on what they are drinking.  She sees a perfect drink in the perfect male hands and is surprised to discover it is her friend Matt.

While Shelly is trying to figure out how she feels about Matt by having a non-relationship with her, Melissa is dumped by her husband.  Christmas comes and Shelly’s brother Tyler comes to town and him and Melissa end up hooking up.


I liked the book but felt that it was quite heavy on the swearing and language.   While I get that many people do talk like that, and they may especially if they teach in high school, it could have been toned down.

I wish I could find a man like Matt.

Light on sex scenes if you are looking for a book with a lot of sex but the book does not seem appropriate for an under 18 audience.

Purchase “Against the Wall”

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