White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement.
White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement. I wonder if this gave 100 orgasms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I was enjoying a lovely time alone when one of my favorite toys stopped buzzing. Ugh! Not wanting to kill the mood, I quickly replaced the batteries. That didn’t fix the issue. Luckily I have a treasure trove of delights within reach, so I could continue my solo fun.

After I was finished, I checked out the toy, trying to see what the issue could be, hoping it was one I could easily fix. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reason for it to die. Maybe I had previously hit the promise in the item’s name: 100 Orgasms.

This five-inch “massager” was perfect for both quick solo play and happy fun time with the hubby. The speed was adjustable. It required only one AA battery (hello, rechargeable!). It was great.

Until it died.

I bought it back in July. This isn’t the first time I had this little delight. I had purchased one a few years ago. It didn’t work when it arrived, due to a broken piece of metal inside. It was quickly replaced by the company I purchased it from. I can’t recall when it died, but eventually it did, prompting me to eventually order a new one (from a different company).

So, rest in peace 100 Orgasms massager, you will be missed. Hopefully not for long, though, as a new, different vibrator is on the way to my house. Let’s cross our fingers it will last longer than six months!

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