Book: Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland

About a week ago, Sylvie sent me an email that listed free and inexpensive ebooks. The comment attached to the forwarded message was to check out the cover of a particular title. I did. Then I showed the cover to the hubby (we were dining out for lunch). We both had a laugh at the cover’s whimsically suggestive design.

Since it was free, I decided to get the book. A few days later I downloaded it onto my iPhone’s Kindle app and started to read it.

The title: Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

I haven’t read the original Fifty Shades books. I don’t plan on it either. I’ve plenty of books on my TBR (to be read) lists that I don’t feel the need to add that series. I have read Alice in Wonderland.

This erotic parody of the two tales is both humorous and sexy. Alice – now eighteen – follows a white rabbit vibrator, a gift from her less-then-skilled lover, down a rabbit hole. What she finds is a Wonderland filled with sexual pleasures beyond her fantasies. As she travels through the mysterious land, she encounters several inhabitants who are more than willing to teach the inexperienced teen more than a few a few lessons on carnal enjoyment.

There is, of course, a lot of sex. There is also kink. Lots of kink (some BSDM, multiple partners, toys, even a Furry). There’s also literary humor. Puns (I’m a fan of a good pun. And of a good bad pun). Asides about copyright. Between the two, I was well entertained. I might even buy the next book in the series, Fifty Shades Of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

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