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If you are looking online to meet people to date or possibly more, chances are you are going to head to the dating sites.  That said, there are a lot of different sites and options out there to find people on.  I’m going to give you my reviews and impressions of these

The Dating Game
The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sites.  Please keep in mind your results may  vary.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Cost:  Free, can pay to upgrade and get advanced features

I have met several people from this site and dated a few for a while.  I have mostly met guys who are actually looking for someone to hang out with and date or have a relationship with.  Just like any free site, there were a few that messaged for just intimate encounters.  POF actually removed this category from the site last year.  I’m not sure if it has cut down on that type of messaging though.  I did get a sexual message the other day and was able to report it as inappropriate.

You can still flirt, chat and email without having to pay which was the main purpose when this site was created.


Cost:  Free, can pay to upgrade for more features

Getting started on OkHarmony takes a while.  There are a lot of questions that they want you to answer to get the best results.  I do encounter profiles where they didn’t bother to deal with the questionnaires though.

One of my favourite parts of this site is that it will give you an idea of how compatible you are with someone.  You get three scores – match, friend, enemy and  you determine what is ideal for you.  I think that they use all the questions you answer for this and where you are the same you are matches and where you are opposite, you are enemies.  Part of the appeal is that if you find someone you are interested in, youc an go through their questions and answers and see how you match up.

You can message and chat for free o this site as well.


Cost:  Monthly fee, has free weekends occasionally

You need at least an hour to set up a profile on this site as there are a lot of questions to answer.  They say that you are matched with people on scientific research.  I’m not sure how much I agree with that based on my matches.  I have communicated with a few people on here but have not gotten very far.

When you find someone who is a match, it is advised you go through their guided communication in which there are preset questions that you ask the other person.  They then reply and send back their own preset questions.  After three or four exchanges, you can then go to an internal email system.   That said, I have seen several people who sneak their email address into their profile so people can contact them directly.

Next week I will be posting a review on an adult website, AdultFriendFinder

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There is something about corsets that just turns me on.  My skin being tightly enclosed by the fabric.  My breasts being lifted and showcased.  My waist being cinched smaller by the satiny ribbon.  Wearing a sexy corset is a surefire way to make me feel sensual.

I have purchased several corsets over the years, but only three fit me properly.  Being a plus-sized woman means finding lingerie that is sexy is difficult.  Thanks to eBay, I can find brand-new-with-tags corsets that are as affordable as they are hot.

Corset (Photo credit: Björn Söderqvist)

There are many factors to consider when buying a corset, as there are many types of corsets available.  Enclosures, boning, material, and styles all vary.  Do you like the look of a laced corset? Maybe you want one with laces, but that also has a zipper.  Should the boning be plastic or metal?  Which suits your purpose better: overbust or underbust? So many decisions!  It can feel a little overwhelming to the first-time buyer.

Ebay has a guide available that gives a brief overview of the different shapes of corsets and explains which corset is best for various body types.

Underbust vs. Overbust

Just as it sounds.  An underbust corset goes under the bust, leaving the wearer’s breasts exposed. Overbust corsets cover the wearer’s breasts, pushing them against her body and producing cleavage.


Laces – The traditional style of corset, with laces to pull tighter.  Laces are most often in the back of the corset.

Hook & Eye –A metal hook and an eye (or “eyelet”) into which the hook fits.  Usually made of metal, this enclosure style is most frequently found in the front of the corset.

Zipper – This style of corset fastens with a zipper, which may be either on the sides or the front.

Combination – A combination of the above styles of enclosures.

Whatever style of corset that tickles your fancy, you can find it available online.  Want more information on corsets? Check out this site:  Delicious Boutique – Corset Construction.

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Book Review: Mine for Tonight (The Billionaires Obsession) by J.S. Scott

Simon has been watching Kara for a while.  He isn’t sure how to approach her or what to do about it, but when he sees her coming home one evening, in clothing that isn’t her usual and almost passes out on the street, he doesn’t think any further.  He takes her into his home and has a doctor look at her.  Turns out she has worn herself ragged from working while   mine for tonightattending nursing school and trying to keep her head above water.  She thought she had gotten over the flu but it turns out it was just a temporary respite.  The doctor orders bed rest and time off work to recover, which Kara cannot afford.  But she is not given a choice as Simon has already called in for her (it turns out Kara works for his mom) and   he demands that she stay in bed.

He sends his assistant over to Kara’s house to retrieve what she will need for a few days but it turns out that she has been evicted.  Her roommate was taking her money but not paying the rent and had been in the proceedings of eviction for a while.  Nothing of hers was left except for a few items.  How would she be able to stay in school?  The thought of having to quit while she saved up money to return was a heavy weight on her.

Simon offers to assist her by allowing her to stay with him in his spare room.  He has a lot of room and he wants to see her rested and able to focus solely on her school work.  One condition of his is that she is not allowed to work, just focus on her school work.  While Kara does not want to accept his offer, she agrees to it.  But it turns out Simon has one more condition, one night with her.  She can pick the night.

Will Simon be able to control his wanting for Kara until she asks for the night?  Will Kara ever ask for that night?

My opinion:

I like the premise of this book but I wonder how realistic it is.  Granted, most people do not read stories like this for reality, they read them as a way to escape from reality.

Note:  Book 1 of a Series

Buy:  Mine for Tonight


White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement.
White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement. I wonder if this gave 100 orgasms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I was enjoying a lovely time alone when one of my favorite toys stopped buzzing. Ugh! Not wanting to kill the mood, I quickly replaced the batteries. That didn’t fix the issue. Luckily I have a treasure trove of delights within reach, so I could continue my solo fun.

After I was finished, I checked out the toy, trying to see what the issue could be, hoping it was one I could easily fix. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reason for it to die. Maybe I had previously hit the promise in the item’s name: 100 Orgasms.

This five-inch “massager” was perfect for both quick solo play and happy fun time with the hubby. The speed was adjustable. It required only one AA battery (hello, rechargeable!). It was great.

Until it died.

I bought it back in July. This isn’t the first time I had this little delight. I had purchased one a few years ago. It didn’t work when it arrived, due to a broken piece of metal inside. It was quickly replaced by the company I purchased it from. I can’t recall when it died, but eventually it did, prompting me to eventually order a new one (from a different company).

So, rest in peace 100 Orgasms massager, you will be missed. Hopefully not for long, though, as a new, different vibrator is on the way to my house. Let’s cross our fingers it will last longer than six months!

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Butt.. What?!?

One trend I have noticed when chatting to guys is that there is a lot of interest in butt play.  Whether it is having their butt played with, them wanting to play with my butt or having anal sex, it is definitely a topic that comes up a lot.

Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche ...
Man and woman having anal sex. Ceramic, Moche Culture. 300 C.E. Larco Museum Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve tried to asking a few of them what the fascination is, especially in regards to playing with a female’s butt.  The best answer I can get it that it is something that is naughty, taboo.  Some have said that it is tighter than the vagina which makes sense to me.

I can get why men like their butt played with.  The prostate gland is found through there and it probably feels like a female’s g-spot when it is stimulated and allows a guy to have a better orgasm.   But yet, knowing this, there are guys that are totally on board and want to play with a girls’ butt as well as penetrate it but yet, they do not want anything to be done to theirs.   Exit only as the saying goes.   To me, its equal opportunity.  You want a play with mine, I’m going to play with yours.   By the way, the taint (area between penis and asshole) is very sensitive.

So if you are going to engage in anal play, here are a few tips that I have for you from experience and toy selling:

  • Go slow!  Especially if this is a new experience for either party.  Butt muscles are not designed to stretch the same way the vagina is so it is more of a challenge.
  • Use lube.  While I have encountered many people who believe that they shouldn’t need to use lube, use it!  Just like stretching, the butt does not create natural lube like a vagina.  It needs some help.  Silicone is best as it lasts longer.
  • Stop means stop.  If your partner says stop, then stop what you are doing!  You want this to be pleasurable so that they will be willing to do it again and if it hurts, they will not let you near them again.

Lubricant Search on Amazon


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Book: Fifty Shades Of Alice In Wonderland

About a week ago, Sylvie sent me an email that listed free and inexpensive ebooks. The comment attached to the forwarded message was to check out the cover of a particular title. I did. Then I showed the cover to the hubby (we were dining out for lunch). We both had a laugh at the cover’s whimsically suggestive design.

Since it was free, I decided to get the book. A few days later I downloaded it onto my iPhone’s Kindle app and started to read it.

The title: Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland by Melinda DuChamp

I haven’t read the original Fifty Shades books. I don’t plan on it either. I’ve plenty of books on my TBR (to be read) lists that I don’t feel the need to add that series. I have read Alice in Wonderland.

This erotic parody of the two tales is both humorous and sexy. Alice – now eighteen – follows a white rabbit vibrator, a gift from her less-then-skilled lover, down a rabbit hole. What she finds is a Wonderland filled with sexual pleasures beyond her fantasies. As she travels through the mysterious land, she encounters several inhabitants who are more than willing to teach the inexperienced teen more than a few a few lessons on carnal enjoyment.

There is, of course, a lot of sex. There is also kink. Lots of kink (some BSDM, multiple partners, toys, even a Furry). There’s also literary humor. Puns (I’m a fan of a good pun. And of a good bad pun). Asides about copyright. Between the two, I was well entertained. I might even buy the next book in the series, Fifty Shades Of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Men and Birth Control

When it comes to sex, birth control can be a large issue.  Whether you are with a new partner or a monogamous partner and you are trying to avoid pregnancy, most couples have to deal

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with the birth control discussion at some point.  These days, there are a lot of issues but many of them are ones that the female has to deal with and make sure to take.  But this article is not about birth control for females, but birth control for men.

Everyone is familiar with condoms.   Based on my experiences, they are something that all guys dislike to use but some of them are much better about being willing to use them than others.  I have had guys that refuse to use them, as a result, no sex for them.  It is not just about birth control but about avoiding diseases, and lets face it, cum is messy!

Due to the dislike of condoms in the male population, and there are many females that dislike them as well, science is looking into other options.  But, are these actually viable options for men and will they use them?


One of the things I have heard about, and I think it may even be available on a limited basis, is a shot for guys.  It blocks the ability of the testicles to produce sperm.  But on the one article I saw, many men commented that there was no way that they would let anyone near their penis with a needle.  But then, there were other men that were ready to sign up.  This shot was good for multiple years and I believe there was another shot to reverse the original one.


Just like women, there is some discussion of creating a birth control pill for me.  But just like women, they would then have to remember to take it on whatever schedule required.

One of the biggest concerns for me on any of these options for me is how can you guarantee that the guy is actually using whatever method he says?  Ultimately, if pregnancy occurs, it is the woman who has to deal with having a pregnancy and any decisions that arise from it.  Then there is concern about disease.  In a monogamous relationship, it likely isn’t such an issue but in a new relationship or casual one, it’s a different story.




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playing dress up

Naughty Teacher’s Pet

I have always enjoyed dressing up.  There is something  about putting on makeup and doing my hair that can usually lift me out of a small funk.  But that is not exactly what I mean about enjoying dressing up.  I enjoy putting on a sexy or a slutty outfit and using it as an invitation for happy playtime with the hubby.  (Alright, I will admit, even just for myself from time to time).  There is just something about putting on a sexy outfit that makes me hot.

Rarely does an outfit contain items I purchased specifically for sexual play.  Oh, I own a few corsets, g-strings, and the like. However, most of my outfits are made up of articles I still wear out on a semi-regular basis, such as sexy heels, knee high boots, and thigh-high stockings.  There are some parts that I purchased with other purposes in mind that have since become a part of my sexy dress-up drawer, like the long gloves I originally bought for my wedding (I later decided to not wear them for the big day) and a white cotton blouse that is too tight for outside the bedroom (but perfect for dressing like a school girl or secretary).

The dressing up part is fun; however, it is just the beginning.  With the right outfit I can go from being a wife to being someone entirely different.  The outfit sets the mood for what is to come.  The only limitations are our imaginations.

Why are Guys Shy?

I don’t know if it is just me or maybe the guys out there are shy.  Many times, I will chat with a guy, and if the conversation is going well, and I am the one who has to bring up the concept of meeting.

shy (Photo credit: Chris Blakeley)

Sometimes we have spoken generally about meeting up, but then, when it truly comes right down to it, it is usually me asking them.  It’s usually a “hey, wanna get coffee?” type thing not a “hey, let’s go on a date!”  But isn’t that a bit of the tables being turned as men are supposedly taught that they should be the man and they should do the asking as a result?

Lucy and I are talking about this as I am writing this post.  My comment to her is, aren’t men taught that they have to be big and strong and that they should be the man and take the initiative?    And she says yes, they are, but that may not be their true nature and that is what you are seeing when you talk to these men.

Maybe it isn’t that they don’t want to be the manly-man but they are letting me take the lead to show whether I am interested or not.  On the dating sites, the men definitely outnumber the women and maybe they think that I am just talking for the sake of talking to them and do not have any further interest in them.  They don’t realize that if I am open to chatting outside of the site, that I am interested in them, so far.  Of course, that may change once I meet them in person but obviously they have told me something that intrigues me at that point.

And let’s not get started on who pays when you meet!

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