Sharing stories

I’m part of a small erotica writing group on Facebook. It’s secret, so no one but the members can find the group, let alone read what we are posting. Sylvie is another group member.

Recently there was a discussion about having others reading our works. Granted, most of us are publishing what we write and hope that people are willing to pay for our material; however, those people are likely strangers. Our discussion was focusing on friends and family read the smut we like to write.

SEX BOOKSAs I mentioned in my post last week, I ask my husband to read my stories before I publish them. When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure I wanted to let him read my work. I was a little embarrassed. Then I realized that I have nothing to be embarrassed about in regards to him reading what I’ve written. If I am going to share the erotica I’ve penned with anyone, it should be with him.

I can’t imagine sharing my stories with other family members. They don’t need to know what type of sexual acts take place in my imagination! Especially as they might not realize that the stories are just products of my imagination, not necessarily fantasies I hope to act out one day. The hubby, on the other hand, is the only person who understands just how that part of my nature is.

While not necessarily skilled as an editor, the hubby is able to let me know if the story has a good flow or if there are changes needed to the plot. He can make recommendations to help further the story along. Also, as I also mentioned before, there is a definite advantage to having the hubby read what I write. It is something that another writer in my group recently realized. Reading my smut-filled musings puts the hubby in the mood to inspire more sexy stories.

On that note…time to share my latest work-in-progress with the hubby.

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