Holidays as a Single Suck

I hate the holidays as a single girl.  You see everyone around you going to parties with their significant other, having fun, and just being happy.  But being single, you have to present you are happy.  Don’t get me wrong, for 90% of the year I am, but seeing everyone else so joyful and cheery can be depressing.

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In looking back, it seems that December has been a popular time for me to start relationships.  No wonder.  I even started dating my ex in December.  It’s an odd time of year.  I think many singles feel this way and they are looking for a way to kill the loneliness.

I recently was feeling this mood, I had just came home from my work Christmas party.  i started by stalking my ex on Facebook.  His profile had been locked the last time I tried (a few years ago) but either it is unlocked or he shows many things publicly now.

From there, I looked up the number of a guy that I have had an on again, off again thing with.  I don’t usually do on again, off again, two times is my limit, but I feel like I have never had closure with him (there is a lot of background).    We’ve been texting for the last two days but then it just ended, the texting it is.  He sent me two long texts, I replied, and then nothing.

I know I have heard the same from others.  The holidays are sucky when you have no one to hang out with during the holidays, no one to kiss to bring in the new year, and don’t’ have that plus one for events that you are invited to.   I wonder what kind of depressing statistics might exist for singles and the holidays.


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