Non Toy Recommendations by Sylvie

Looking for a gift for that special someone on your list?  You can’t go wrong with the items on this list.  No woman on your list to buy for?   Feel free to send me a gift from this list!

Massage Lotions and Book

Chances are the lady in your life is overworked and does not get a chance to relax much.  Consider buying slippery to give her a massage with.   Incorporate a massage into your lovemaking and she will be that much more relaxed which will benefit you both.

Plant LPlantlife Oilsife Oils

A natural massage oil that absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or slippery.  Ideal for a great massage.

Kuma SutraKuma Sutra

Five2 oz bottles of massage oil to allow you to see what scent you like the best.  Comes with a handy carrying case to take with you if you are renting a hotel room for an evening of relaxation and romance.

Not only do you need a lotion for giving a massage but learning how to give a massage is a great idea.   Read up on the technique and surprise your love with their own massage.

World’s BWorld's Best Massageest Massage

This book teaches how to give a massage and a variety of different techniques.  Try them all and see what your partner likes the best.


You Knead MeYou Knead Me

Who doesn’t get sore feet?  This book is designed to teach you how to give your partner a wonderful food massage.  Who knows what it may lead to.


ConConnecting Through Touchnecting Through Touch

Learn how to communicate and touch your partner with this book.  Great gift for both of you to learn another method of communication

I recommend that you give her the lotion and some coupons for massages.  The massages should be at least ten minutes in length and sex should not be a part of the coupon.  Keep the book for yourself and surprise her!


Corsets are hot, no doubt about it.  No matter the body shape, with a corset any woman can have a wonderful hourglass figure.

If your lady is plus size, head on over to Hips and Curves for a wide assortment of corsets.  Have a fantasy of your woman in something white and pure, they have it.  Want something in red and smoking hot, yep, you can find it.  I can’t even start to list which ones I want!











Have you thought about getting a costume for your lady?  We all know that any clothing doesn’t stay on that terribly long but it’s a great way to play out that fantasy that you have.   Xandria can help you try out these fantasies with costumes of a  school girl, lady cop, French maid and more.

Mrs LawNurse







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