What Is Passion Playroom About?

Passion Playroom is a collaborative project between Lucy and Sylvie, combining their expertise and interests to benefit their readers.  With reviews on toys and erotica, tips and

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tricks for relationships – both in and out of the bedroom, and general posts of erotic interest, they hope to help others bring passion to their lives.  Both women bring different experiences to the blog and will be posting about different aspects of romance, sex and erotica from their perspective.

Lucy’s posts will include such topics as sex after marriage and keeping the spark alive.  She will also provide critiques of erotica stories and reviews of various marital aides. Since Lucy has been writing – and publishing – erotica stories, you can expect posts about upcoming stories, as well as tips on writing your own.  Additionally, Lucy will share her experiences with the effects of infertility on marriage.  Since she has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she will also post about the various television shows and documentaries she watches that pertain to the general topics of this blog. Lucy will also be using her husband as more than a research tool, by occasionally asking for his opinion and assistance in writing her articles.

Sylvie will be posting about sex toys based on her time selling them, information pertaining to sex toys and selling them and information about the human body that she has learnt from her years selling and research.  She will be posting book reviews of erotica and stories that she has read as well as blogging about her experiences of being a single gal in her 30s.  You can expect to read some interesting stories about the men she talks to, she meets, and anything else that may happen between them.  As of right now, there are no men in her life but there are several with whom she chats.  Sylvie also plans to write some erotica stories and will be posting about how that experience goes in her blog.

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